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This is my untouched most loved summer salad. It’s not difficult to assemble and features new local tomatoes, cucumbers and spices.

With a basic red wine vinegar and olive oil dressing, it meets up in only a couple of moments. Tomato cucumber salad is my go-to for a grill or cookout.

This salad is so adaptable. It’s not difficult to twofold or triple the recipe for a group and consistently gets rave surveys.

You can utilize anything new spices you have — basil, mint, parsley or even cilantro. I utilized basil, yet half basil and half mint is another most loved mix.

Anyway you make it, this simple tomato cucumber salad is the ideal taste of summer. Also, it’s normally paleo, keto, and sans gluten.

For what reason You’ll Love This Salad
Speedy and simple
No unique cooking abilities or hardware required
Insignificant fixings required
Features new vegetables and spices
Ultra tasty
Can be made ahead
Fixings Needed

For the best taste, utilize your local tomatoes, cucumbers and spices or visit your rancher’s market to load up on these late spring produce basics.

Purple onion, daintily cut – likewise called a red onion, this assortment offers a delightful nibble that matches well with different fixings.
Cucumbers, stripped and meagerly cut – practically any assortment will work, from your local nursery variants to a seedless assortment like the English cucumber.
Red wine vinegar – offers a tart acidic lift to this plate of mixed greens as well as treating any sharp onion flavor.
Huge tomatoes – utilize ready tomatoes since they will give the most delicious flavor. Any assortment will work, for however long they are ready.
Great olive oil – utilize your best olive oil for this salad in light of the fact that its flavor will be in plain view.
New basil leaves, cleaved – this fragrant spice offers a gentle fiery taste with a sprinkle of pleasantness or mint, contingent upon which assortment you use.
Coarse ocean salt and newly ground pepper, to taste – this last smidgen of flavors will draw out the tastiness of this straightforward tomato and cucumber salad.
Step by step instructions to Make This Salad
Cut the onion and cucumber. Add both to an enormous bowl and throw with the red wine vinegar. Allow them to sit for 5 minutes or so while you set up the other fixings. This is a key stage in the recipe in light of the fact that the vinegar brings some relief from the crude onions and adds a pleasant tart kick to the cucumbers.
Cut tomatoes into slight wedges and add to the bowl with cucumbers and onions.
Add the olive oil, newly hacked basil, salt and pepper and throw with the veggies.
Fixing Variations
Tomatoes: If you can’t find huge ready tomatoes, you can substitute Roma, cherry or grape tomatoes. Since they’re more modest, they will not be as succulent, however will in any case be delightful.
Cucumbers: Garden assortment cucumbers’ called for in the recipe, yet English cucumbers or the more modest Persian cucumbers are additionally adequate to utilize. Those assortments contain more modest to no seeds, which might be desirable over you assuming seeds are an issue.
Onion: The purple or red onion in the recipe isn’t just brilliant yet offers an exquisite eruption of flavor. On the off chance that you’re not partial to the flavor, attempt a sweet onion all things being equal. It will be milder in taste, yet will in any case offer a free flavor. You can likewise involve slashed green onion for somewhat unique surface and taste.
Spices: Basil is the go-to for this plate of mixed greens, however new mint is a similarly delectable choice. For something else altogether profile, attempt new parsley, dill or even cilantro.
Dressing Variations

The red wine and olive oil dressing is a work of art, however the following are not many plans to switch things up:

For a velvety dressing, skirt the red wine vinegar and olive oil and utilize my paleo mayonnaise. Rather than basil, utilize new dill for a reciprocal spice in the serving of mixed greens.

Another rich dressing choice is my sans dairy farm dressing. It’s delightful, tart and loaded with spices for a scrumptious completion.

For a zestier flavor, attempt my hand crafted Italian dressing. It has red wine vinegar in it, yet additionally involves dried spices and garlic for an exquisite kick.


If you have any desire to add fixings to this serving of mixed greens to make it more powerful, the following are a couple of thoughts:

Avocado, cut or pieced
Radish, cut
Chime peppers, cut or finely slashed
Olives, dark or green
Might You at any point Make This Salad Ahead Of Time?

Totally! There are multiple ways you can make or prepare this serving of mixed greens early.

Prep Ahead – You can prepare the tomatoes, onions and cucumbers and store them each, independently, in the ice chest until prepared to gather with the red wine vinegar, oil, spices and flavors.
Collect Ahead – You can make and gather the whole plate of mixed greens ahead and store it in a glass compartment with a tight fitting cover until prepared to serve. It will keep as long as 2 days in the cooler, yet is best eaten in 24 hours or less.

Tip: If you’re making this plate of mixed greens for an enormous social event, it’s not difficult to twofold or triple the recipe. Make it the prior night or in the first part of the day and let it chill in the refrigerator until prepared to serve.

Hold off on adding the new spices to the plate of mixed greens until prepared to serve since they will generally turn dim (particularly basil) whenever left to sit subsequent to being slashed.

For show purposes, you could likewise make this plate of mixed greens by hacking, instead of cutting the fixings. It’s a minor change and rigorously visual. It no affects the taste and flavor of this fresh and reviving plate of mixed greens.

What To Serve With This Salad

This quintessential summer salad is an ideal side thing for any potluck or BBQ cooking. It matches impeccably with steak and chicken.

The most effective method to Store Leftovers

Store any extras of this plate of mixed greens in a glass compartment with a tight fitting cover. It will keep as long as 2 days in the refrigerator, however is best eaten in 24 hours or less.

Note: The more it sits, the more watery this salad might turn into. This is on the grounds that the water content from the cucumbers and the juices from the tomatoes will add to the fluid substance of the serving of mixed greens.

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Simple Tomato Cucumber Salad

This basic cucumber and tomato salad is a genuine group pleaser.


Planning Time: 15 mins

All out Time: 15 mins

Servings: 8 servings

Course: Salad

Food: American

Diet: Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Keto, Low Carb, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Whole30

Creator: Lisa Wells


Add onion and cucumber to enormous bowl and throw with vinegar. Let sit while you set up the other fixings.

Cut tomatoes into flimsy wedges and add to bowl with cucumbers and onions. Add olive oil, basil, salt and pepper and throw.


Calories: 83kcal Carbohydrates: 4g Protein: 1g Fat: 7g Saturated Fat: 0g Cholesterol: 0mg Sodium: 5mg Potassium: 257mg Fiber: 1g Sugar: 2g Vitamin A: 595IU Vitamin C: 11.3mg Calcium: 18mg Iron: 0.4mg

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